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Guest Lectures

Panel Discussion on Budget 2018

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Global Connect on Strategic Management

Guest lecture session series on Strategic Management by Michael Fronmueller and Leanne Van Allen from University of Wisconsin River Falls addressed the students on the opportunities and experience on the Global platform.

While the thrust of our course is on academic achievement, we in regular regime of co-curricular programs are providing opportunities for the holistic formation of our students into professionals of global excellence.

Our guest lectures are meetings of minds. Through guest lectures, we bring our students face to face with eminent academicians, scholars and entrepreneurs. Lectures by such guests are arranged for students on the premises that interactions with them inspire our students.

Guest Lecture on 'Non-Performing Assets' by Mr. B. K. Shivaram
Date Topic Resource Person
15/06/2019 Fruit and Agricultural Processing & its Marketing Dr. Ravi Bshushan Tiwari
11/05/2019 Employability, Enterprise Skills and Career Opportunities in Insurance and Ranking Sector Mr. P. Narasimha Murthy
31/08/2018 Yogic Workshop Dr. Pai
25/08/2018 One Religion, One God Dr. Bharat Jhunjunwala
30/05/2019 IRAC NORMS, BASEL NORMS, RBI Guidelines to Commercial Banks and SARFAESI Act, 2002 Dr. M. J. Subramanyam
24/05/2019 IND-AS & its Application in Indian Companies Dr. S. R. Ganesh
09/12/2017 Effective Communication Sri Sarathy D Trainer Heartfulness NGO
02/12/2017 Creative Thinking Sri Thiyagarajan Trainer Heartfulness NGO
25/11/2017 Team Work/Team skills Sri Sarathy D Trainer Heartfulness NGO
11/11/2017 Inter-personal skills Sri Yogesh Trainer Heartfulness NGO
04/11/2017 Time & Stress Management Sri Ravichandran Trainer Heartfulness NGO
28/10/2017 Values & Attitudes Sri Chandrashekhar Trainer Heartfulness NGO
14/10/2017 Goal Setting Sri Sarathy D Trainer Heartfulness NGO
09/10/2017 J-Gate: Usage of E-Resources Sri Sarathy D Trainer Heartfulness NGO
07/10/2017 Ice Breaker session Sri Chandrashekhar, Sri Sarathy D, Sri. Thiyagarajan Team Heartfulness NGO
23/09/2017 Orientation & Meditation Mr. Ravi Shankar B., Training Consultant, Informatics India Ltd, Bangalore
Every Saturdays II & IV SEMESTER 2017 New Age Banking Sri. Subramanya M. J. Senior Faculty Syndicate Bank Training and Development
22/04/2017 GST- Opportunities and Challenges in India CA Shashi Kumar R. S., Founder RS Shashi and Co.
06/04/2017 2017 Budget Panel Discussion Mr. Charan Singh
12/04/2017 Conflict Management Dr. Patsy Parker
26/11/2016 BASEL & IRAC Norms Prof. Venkatakrishnan
12/11/2016 Financial Derivatives Dr. Vijaykumar A N
05/11/2016 Non-Performing Assets Mr. Shivaram
06/09/2016 Career Planning in areas of Finance & Accounting Prof. Ram Mohan
19/03/2016 Managerial & Leadership Skills Ms. Sapna Biswas
18/03/2016 Problem Solving Skill and 6 Hat Concept Mr. Pushkar Bharadwaj
17/03/2016 How to be asset to your Company? Mrs. Sindhu Shekar
10/03/2016 Solution Oriented Leadership Mrs. Sapna Biswas
03/03/2016 Stress Management Mrs. Sindhu Shekar
02/03/2016 E-mail Writing Mrs. Uma Sastry
01/03/2016 E- Banking & Payment System Prof. Venkat Krishnan
01/03/2016 Self-motivation & Resilience
Plagiarism & Academic writing
Mrs. Sharon
27/02/2016 Market Risk Prof. Soman Nambiar
23/02/2016 Train the Trainer Mrs. Sharon
15/02/2016 Interpersonal Communication & Emotional Intelligence Mrs. Sudha Nambiar
08/02/2016 Be an Ace Presenter Mr. Pushkar Bharadwaj
01/02/2016 Public Speaking Mrs. Sreedevi