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Being a gateway to the world of information, the library has a wide range of resource material housing over 10,000 books. Students have an access to a wealth of information in resources like journals, magazines, books, encyclopedia and the like of national and international publications. The college has institutional membership with the leading libraries like The British Library, Bengaluru Management Association, Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru.


List of National Journals

Sl No. Journals Title
1 Indian Jnl. of Marketing
2 Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship
3 Indian Journal of Finance
4 Case Folio
5 Yojana
6 Indian Jnl. Of Management (Prabandhan)
7 Indian Economic Review
8 Journals of Entrepreneurship Development
9 Journal of Corporate Governance
10 Dalal Street Journal

International Journals

Sl No. Journals Title
1 Vikalpa
2 Journal of Entrepreneurship Development
3 Vision
4 Journal of Indian Management Strategy
5 Indian Economic Review
6 International Journal of Financial Management
7 International Journal of Business Ethics & Dev. Economics
8 Financial Planning Journal
9 Journal of Accounting and Finance
10 Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management
11 Indian Journal of Finance & Economic Management

List of Magazines

Sl No. Magazines Title Sl No. Magazines Title
1 Employment News 8 Classic Job Reporter
2 Business Today 9 Sparda Chaitra
3 India Today 10 Business India
4 Economic & Political Weekly 11 Human Capital
5 Capital Market 12 Amar Bapu Chinthana
6 Sparda Spoorti 13 CSI Magazine
7 Competition Vision 14 Kassia News