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Quarterly Research Journal Issues

Online Quarterly Research Journal Vol. 1 Issue 3, April 2019, ISSN: 2581-6748 - Download

Sl No Title Authors Page No
1 A Study on the Investment Pattern of Academicians across Seshadripuram Educational Trust Dr. Vatsala G 4-14
2 The Proponents of First and Third Wave Feminism Dr. Amogh A M 15-21
3 Study on Evaluating the Effectiveness of E-Banking Services and Computerized Accounting on Efficiency of Services Provided in Central Bank of India, Durgapur Branch Harsha Kaliya 22-38
4 An Empirical Study on the Perception of End-Users towards he Regular and Green Home Appliances Archita Singh 39-52
5 A Study on the Performance of Selected Mutual Funds at Sharekhan Pvt. Ltd. Dechan Dolma 53-63
6 The Relationship Between Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation of Retail Investors in Sharekhan Company Tenzin Choenyi 64-74
7 Factors affecting individual Investors decision process Parinda Bharadwaj 75-86
8 A Study on Export Marketing Challenges and Issues Rashmi S 87-100
9 BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation): A Glance Rakshith V 101-102
10 Educational Loans for Students: A Bird eye view Gowthami B V 103-104
10 Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management Dr. Pradeepkumar S V
Smt. Therese Franscis
Smt. Asha S
105- 122

Online Quarterly Research Journal Special Issue, March 2019, ISSN: 2581-6748 - Download

Sl No Title Authors Page No
1 Usage and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study Sneha M Shiyal
Arthi Garg
Dr. R Rohini
2 "A Study of Technical Analysis and its Utility in Shareskhan Company" Tenzin Dolma 20-29
3 A Study on Determination of Inventory Cost Performance of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bengaluru Vinutha.S 30-37
4 A Study on Challenges Faced in Rural Areas on Account Digitalisation of Banks Ankita Agharai
Yashodha G
G. Yashwanthi
5 A Study on Digital India Challenges and Opportunities Martina V.P
Jeny Joseph
6 Social Entrepreneurship in Less-Developed areas: Challenges and Impacts H. Vanlalrinkimi
Bapdianghun Rangslang
7 "A Study on The Impact of Quality Circle in Creation of Working Practices Towards Employee Productivity and Work Life Management" Shreyanka Ns 81-90
8 A Conceptual Study on Growth of National Gross Domestic Product in India’’ with Replication of Tourism Industry Mr. Barkathulla Khan 91-98
9 A Perspective of Customer Purchase Behaviour Towards Online Retailing and Offline Retailing Bernadine Pooja Singh
Maria Martina Dass
10 Impact of Employee Relation Strategies on Employee Performance Manjula V
Asha G
11 Impact of Digitalization on Operational Efficiency: An Empirical Study (With Special Reference to BESCOM) Raisa Fathima 133-139
12 A Study n Impact of Employee Grievance Management on Employee Productivity Rachitha D 140-153
13 A Study on Stock Market Volatility With Reference to it Sector Zeba Sarwath 154-162
14 A Study on Financial Feasibility of A Real Estate Deepanjali Bali 163-172
15 "A Study on The Impact of Work Environment on Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction" Amrutha K 173-182
16 "A Study On The Impact Of Time Management In Employee Productivity Of An Organisation" Jhanvi S 183-191
17 Opportunities & Challenges of Digital India Sumathi C.
Banumathi R.
Swathi N.
18 Study on The Impact of Capital Management System on Profitability of Organizations- At Bhel, Bangalore Michelle Hilton 202-214
19 "Impact of Digitalization in Banking Sector" Vinutha.S.
Dechen Dolma
20 Study the Awareness of Green Marketing in Tibetan settlement in Bangalore Tenzin Choeniye
Tenzin Dolma
21 The Effect of Green Marketing on Selected Indian Companies : A Descriptive Study. Sindhu Bhairavi G U

Online Quarterly Research Journal Vol. 1 Issue 2, January 2019, ISSN: 2581-6748 - Download

Sl No Title Authors
1 Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Wealth Tax in India Mrs. Shamala K
Dr. G.T. Govindappa
2 An Empirical Study on Human Resource Management of Rural Entrepreneurs Dr. Meera. H.N.
3 Mutual Funds- A Potential Avenue for Investment Dr. Sumathi. K
Mrs. Supriya.G.K
Mrs. Rina Khanum
4 An overview of FCCBs – A special bond issued by Indian corporate sector Sayyad Ameen Ahammad
Dr. T. Mallikarjunappa
5 Women Entrepreneurship – Problems and Prospects in Malnad Region Lakshmidevi.B.V
6 “The Changing Role of Commerce Education since 1996” Prof. Gajendra
7 Farmer’s insight towards marketing of Agriculture products Dr. Vijayakumar A B
8 Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women and Micro Financing of SHGs: An Empirical Analysis in Bengaluru Dr. S N Venkatesh

Online Quarterly Research Journal Vol: 1 Issue: 1 October 2018 - Download

Sl No Title Authors
1 Digital Empowerment of Rural People – Issues and Challenges Dr. M. L. Ashok
Abhishek N
2 Value at Risk in Banking Control, Supervision and Protection Dr. Devaraja T.S
Kusuma Hiremat Y.G
3 Problems faced by SHG members in getting loans from MFI’s and repaying them: A Study Anjana Radhakrishnan
4 Fair value accounting in Indian accounting system Dr. Vijayakumar A.B
Dr Vatsala G
5 Corporate governance measures in India R.C.Nagaraju