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Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.3, Issue 2, July 2022 - Download

List of Research Papers

Sl.No Paper Title Authors Page No.
1 The Effect of E-WOM on Customer Trust and Purchase Desicion in Social Commerce G. Kanimozhi, Dr. C. Sengottuvel 1-9
2 The Techniques and Issues on Digital Payment- A Systematic Literature Review Gohil Pankita Dilavarsinh, Dr. Sandipkumar G. Prajapati 10-19
3 Qualities of Politics in Ramayana Dr. Shrikrishna H. Kakhandaki 20-25
4 Role of Digital Accounting in Supporting the Implementation of Environmental Management Accounting Dr. R. Sarvamangala, Nethravathi S. 26-39
5 Economic Empowerment of Sunni Muslim Women: Role of Engineering Education Salam Begum, Sandhya Anvekar 40-43
6 Digital Taxation - A New Policy to Goverment Revenue Dr. R. Sarvamangala, Farzana A. 44-57
7 Analysis of Business Strategy of Amul During Covid-19 - A Case Study Yathishkumar, Jayanth H. 58-65
8 Awarness About Peer to Peer Lending Among Customers of Various Financial Institutions in India Yathishkumar, Srikanthnaik H. 66-71
9 Securty Social in Unorganised Workers: An Analysis Harishkumar M. 72-92
10 Cointegrating Nexus Among Spot and Future Price of Crude Palm Oil Rakhi Ranjith 93-103

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.3, Issue 1, November 2021 - Download

Sl.No Paper Title
1 Exploring Demographic Differences In Consumer's Online Shopping Behavioural Intention
2 Impact Of Organisational Culture On Employee Engagement In Corporate Sector
3 Trends In Online Banking - An Analytical Study Of First And Second Waves Of Corona
4 A Roadmap Of Ipr On Msmes For Sustainable Development
5 A Study On "microfinance Institutions Effectiveness Towards Economic Status Of The Beneficiaries"
6 New e-business Modes (social Media For Start-ups & Earning Online)
7 Sustainable Entrepreneurial Intention Among Management Students In Bangalore: An Examination Of The Antecedents
8 Impact Of Digital Marketingon Z Gen With Special Reference To Coimbatore City
9 Sports Management- An Overview On Marketing And Innovation
10 Customer's Perception Towards Mobile Banking Services
11 Influence Of Social Media Marketing Communications On Young Consumer's Attitudes Towards Choosing Smart Phone Brands
12 A Study On Digital Payment Application On Retail Transaction In Rural Area With Special Reference To Tumkur District

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.2, Issue 4, July 2021 - Download

Sl.No Paper Title Authors Page No.
1. An analysis of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited's CSR Contribution in Bangladesh Md. Mekail ahmed 1-14
2. Consequences of Pandemic and Hiked Inflation Rate on the Personal Finance Ms. Shwetha s.m
Ms. Harshitha s
3. Investigating the editorial directions of Nigerian newspaper’s: A content analysis of the national and daily trust (January 2020-March 2020 edition’s ) Mr. Adetunji Solomon
Mr. Olusanya Bukola
4. Analysis of Gender portrayal of Nigerian women in contemporary Nollywood films: An examination of Jenifa Mr. Adetunji Solomon
Mr. Opera Sandra Adama
5. A study on selected poems of American women poets such as Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver and Elizabeth bishop through the lens of ecofeminism Sneha Das 44-50
6. Active listening and their implications in the educational process Sashka Jovanovska 51-60
7. "Impact of COVID-19 on Online Classes" - a special reference to Degree College students of Mandya District Girish V 61-71
8. Analysis of Post-Graduation Student’s Perception on Unemployment and Under Employment: An empirical Study from Karnataka Preetham. D 72-84
9. Socio-economic Disparities among Urban and Rural Women in Western Maharashtra Dr. Pratibha.B. Desai 85-115
10. Systematic investment plan in India: An overview Aditi mahajan 116-131
11. A study of privatization on public sector banks Shruthi. C
Vijayakumar A B
12. Consumer perception towards online marketing Preetham. D 143-155
13. An analysis of home-based women entrepreneurs in Bengaluru district with reference to Karnataka State Dr. Abhinandan N
Pranitha K M
14. A Study on Customer Impulse Buying Behaviour Vishnu K V M 175-184
15. The Role of Written Corrective Feedback in enhancing the ESL writing skills of Engineering students in Andhra Pradesh Mr. Saloman raju
Yarlagadda M
16. Impact of digitization in overall transformation of education system through new policies. Jayashree M Wodeyar 194-200
17. A review study on models of human resource accounting Dr.B.Nagaraju
S .Praveen kumar
18. Management lessons from Bhagavad Gita Sachin B C 214-225

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.2, Issue 3, February 2021 - Download

Sl. No. Title Authors Page No.
1 Relevance Of Gandhian ‘Gramaswarajya’ In The Contemporary society Dr. H. R Renuka
2 Effect Of Weight Training On Arm, Shoulder And Explosive Leg Strenght Of Volley Ball Players Mr. Aarif Majeed
3 Gendered Perspective Of Psychological And Mental Well-Being During The Covid-19 Pandemic Ms. Rhea Bose 13-23
4 Kadugolla Women Of Pavagada Taluk: A Cultural Study Dr. H. R Renuka 24-31
5 A Case Study On "Impact Of Loan Disbursement & NPA On Profitability With Reference To Panjab National Housing Financing Limited" Mrs. Pavithra
Mr.Growthm N S
6 Women And Traditional Naga Political Institutions: An Analysis Ms. Moameren
7 A Sociological Study Of Manual Scavenging In India Ms.Devika Sharma 54-60
8 Effectiveness Of Online Learning During The Pandemic Ms. Meenakshi Chouhan 61-66
9 Girth Of Patient Empowerment And Patient Centred Care In India And In GCC Through Ethical Lens Midst Covid-19 Mr.Charanath
10 Urban Consiousness In New-Gen Kannada Poetry Dr. Shivanna. S 83-86
11 Impact Of GST On Indian Economy:Consumer Point Of View With Reference To Kundapura Taluk Mrs. Princia Cleta Rebello 87-95
12 Sustainable Development Through Green Banking Practices And Awareness Dr.G Susila 96-105
13 A Comparative Study On Crowd funding And Traditional Venture Capital Funding Ms.Srivaideshwari
Mr. Jayanth H
Ms.Sai Sushmitha V

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