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Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.3, Issue 2, July 2022 - Download

List of Research Papers

Sl.No Paper Title Authors Page No.
1 The Effect of E-WOM on Customer Trust and Purchase Desicion in Social Commerce G. Kanimozhi, Dr. C. Sengottuvel 1-9
2 The Techniques and Issues on Digital Payment- A Systematic Literature Review Gohil Pankita Dilavarsinh, Dr. Sandipkumar G. Prajapati 10-19
3 Qualities of Politics in Ramayana Dr. Shrikrishna H. Kakhandaki 20-25
4 Role of Digital Accounting in Supporting the Implementation of Environmental Management Accounting Dr. R. Sarvamangala, Nethravathi S. 26-39
5 Economic Empowerment of Sunni Muslim Women: Role of Engineering Education Salam Begum, Sandhya Anvekar 40-43
6 Digital Taxation - A New Policy to Goverment Revenue Dr. R. Sarvamangala, Farzana A. 44-57
7 Analysis of Business Strategy of Amul During Covid-19 - A Case Study Yathishkumar, Jayanth H. 58-65
8 Awarness About Peer to Peer Lending Among Customers of Various Financial Institutions in India Yathishkumar, Srikanthnaik H. 66-71
9 Securty Social in Unorganised Workers: An Analysis Harishkumar M. 72-92
10 Cointegrating Nexus Among Spot and Future Price of Crude Palm Oil Rakhi Ranjith 93-103

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.3, Issue 1, November 2021 - Download

Sl.No Paper Title
1 Exploring Demographic Differences In Consumer's Online Shopping Behavioural Intention
2 Impact Of Organisational Culture On Employee Engagement In Corporate Sector
3 Trends In Online Banking - An Analytical Study Of First And Second Waves Of Corona
4 A Roadmap Of Ipr On Msmes For Sustainable Development
5 A Study On "microfinance Institutions Effectiveness Towards Economic Status Of The Beneficiaries"
6 New e-business Modes (social Media For Start-ups & Earning Online)
7 Sustainable Entrepreneurial Intention Among Management Students In Bangalore: An Examination Of The Antecedents
8 Impact Of Digital Marketingon Z Gen With Special Reference To Coimbatore City
9 Sports Management- An Overview On Marketing And Innovation
10 Customer's Perception Towards Mobile Banking Services
11 Influence Of Social Media Marketing Communications On Young Consumer's Attitudes Towards Choosing Smart Phone Brands
12 A Study On Digital Payment Application On Retail Transaction In Rural Area With Special Reference To Tumkur District

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.2, Issue 4, July 2021 - Download

Sl.No Paper Title Authors Page No.
1. An analysis of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited's CSR Contribution in Bangladesh Md. Mekail ahmed 1-14
2. Consequences of Pandemic and Hiked Inflation Rate on the Personal Finance Ms. Shwetha S. M.
Ms. Harshitha S.
3. Investigating the editorial directions of Nigerian newspaper’s: A content analysis of the national and daily trust (January 2020-March 2020 edition’s ) Mr. Adetunji Solomon
Mr. Olusanya Bukola
4. Analysis of Gender portrayal of Nigerian women in contemporary Nollywood films: An examination of Jenifa Mr. Adetunji Solomon
Mr. Opera Sandra Adama
5. A study on selected poems of American women poets such as Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver and Elizabeth bishop through the lens of ecofeminism Sneha Das 44-50
6. Active listening and their implications in the educational process Sashka Jovanovska 51-60
7. "Impact of COVID-19 on Online Classes" - a special reference to Degree College students of Mandya District Girish V. 61-71
8. Analysis of Post-Graduation Student’s Perception on Unemployment and Under Employment: An empirical Study from Karnataka Preetham D. 72-84
9. Socio-economic Disparities among Urban and Rural Women in Western Maharashtra Dr. Pratibha B. Desai 85-115
10. Systematic investment plan in India: An overview Aditi mahajan 116-131
11. A study of privatization on public sector banks Shruthi. C.
Vijayakumar A. B.
12. Consumer perception towards online marketing Preetham. D 143-155
13. An analysis of home-based women entrepreneurs in Bengaluru district with reference to Karnataka State Dr. Abhinandan N.
Pranitha K. M.
14. A Study on Customer Impulse Buying Behaviour Vishnu K. V. M. 175-184
15. The Role of Written Corrective Feedback in enhancing the ESL writing skills of Engineering students in Andhra Pradesh Mr. Saloman raju
Yarlagadda M.
16. Impact of digitization in overall transformation of education system through new policies. Jayashree M. Wodeyar 194-200
17. A review study on models of human resource accounting Dr. B. Nagaraju
S. Praveen kumar
18. Management lessons from Bhagavad Gita Sachin B. C. 214-225

Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.2, Issue 3, February 2021 - Download

Sl. No. Title Authors Page No.
1 Relevance Of Gandhian ‘Gramaswarajya’ In The Contemporary society Dr. H. R. Renuka
2 Effect Of Weight Training On Arm, Shoulder And Explosive Leg Strenght Of Volley Ball Players Mr. Aarif Majeed
3 Gendered Perspective Of Psychological And Mental Well-Being During The Covid-19 Pandemic Ms. Rhea Bose 13-23
4 Kadugolla Women Of Pavagada Taluk: A Cultural Study Dr. H. R. Renuka 24-31
5 A Case Study On "Impact Of Loan Disbursement & NPA On Profitability With Reference ToPanjab National Housing Financing Limited" Mrs. Pavithra
Mr.Growthm N. S.
6 Women And Traditional Naga Political Institutions: An Analysis Ms. Moameren
7 A Sociological Study Of Manual Scavenging In India Ms.Devika Sharma 54-60
8 Effectiveness Of Online Learning During The Pandemic Ms. Meenakshi Chouhan 61-66
9 Girth Of Patient Empowerment And Patient Centred Care In India And In GCC ThroughEthical Lens Midst Covid-19 Mr.Charanath
10 Urban Consiousness In New-Gen Kannada Poetry Dr. Shivanna S. 83-86
11 Impact Of GST On Indian Economy:Consumer Point Of View With Reference To Kundapura Taluk Mrs. Princia Cleta Rebello 87-95
12 Sustainable Development Through Green Banking Practices And Awareness Dr.G Susila 96-105
13 A Comparative Study On Crowd funding And Traditional Venture Capital Funding Ms. Srivaideshwari
Mr. Jayanth H
Ms.Sai Sushmitha V

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