Research Club

The Post Graduate Department of Commerce and Management has taken initiative in inculcating the research based activities among the students under the umbrella of Research Club. This platform is given to students and faculty members to explore unlimited thoughts and ideas on current issues in Commerce and Management. The research club inception informally exists with the beginning of M.Com program in 2014, which has taken formal shape in 2017 by the extended infrastructure supported by the trust.

Research club involves the academic fraternity in conducting various workshops, seminars, conferences within the department and also as a part of faculty extension activities.


The following objectives will highlight the importance and purpose of research club.

  • To motivate students to involve in research activities.
  • To guide students for project dissertation.
  • To understand students the usage of library e-resources.
  • To co-ordinate workshops, conferences and guest lecturers.
  • To conduct inter-class competitions and events such as posture presentation, case-study presentation, research-quiz and so on.
  • To encourage Faculty and Students to publish articles, release Handbooks.
  • To encourage Faculty and Students to participate in Workshops, Conferences and present papers.
  • To showcase the list of faculty and student publications.
  • To publish Online Journal on Quarterly basis.
  • To provide research consultancy services.
  • To report and record the research activities on real time basis.

Research Club Co-ordinator:

  • Dr. Raji Pillai