Value Addition Programs


Semister  M.Com M.Com(FA)
1. Soft Skill-1 Business Plan
2. Financial Modeling Soft Skill-2
3. Aptitude-1 Product Positioning
4. Business Analytics Aptitude-2

Sub Themes: Unethical deceptive marketing Practices

Unethical deceptive marketing Practices

Poster presentation was done for the students of Final year M.Com and M.Com (FA) as a part of the subject Business Ethics.

Digitalization and Economic Growth

Digitalization and Economic Growth
Digitalization and Economic Growth

Poster Presentation of M.Com and M.Com (FA) students on 11th November 2019 on various themes of Digitalization Like E-commerce to M-commerce, Various modes of payments through UPI payments and other Core banking financial services as a part of National Conference on "Digitalization and Economic Growth".

Best out of Waste

Digitalization and Economic Growth

"Best out of Waste" themes was conducted for 1st year M.Com and M.Com (FA) students has a part of creativity and innovation on 05/12/2019.

Value Add Program: Tally ERP9

Report of Value Add Program: Tally ERP9.

Value Addition Image

Employability and enterprise skills are crucial skills to be developed in order to sustain in this era of cut-throat competition. Every semester is packed with a value add program, wherein industrialists and experts are called to train the students to develop their skill sets. Following are the value additions that a student is benefitted along with the regular course:

  • Advanced MS Excel Certification Course
  • SAP Training
  • Campus Recruitment Training(CRT)
  • Banking aptitude training

In-House Activities

Economic Times Club

Two hours a week is devoted to ET Club activities wherein students are encouraged to have a Book Talk, Ted Talk, Debate, Group Discussion, Quiz etc. relating to commerce and management. It helps students boost their confidence, build communication skills and at the same time gain a lot of information relevant to the contemporary business world.

Library Hour

Students are asked to read, understand and write a review on the articles from International and National Journals in the weekly library hours. This initiative is to develop research culture and also to encourage reading habits among the students.

Our value addition programs are geared to fine-tuning our student's skills, because we want to equip them for their life after college. We have value addition programs with good accuracy, fluency, appropriate and acceptability. They should be tech-savvy and street-smart. Indeed, we ensure that our students go out of the college with knowledge, and skills as well-thanks to value addition courses.

Sl.No  Value Add Programs offered Status Trainer Batch Year/ Semester Hours No. of Students
1. Communication Skills Completed Edu learning 2014-2015(I),2015-2016(I). 20,20 38,50 
2. Advanced MS Excel Completed Edu learning 2014-2015 (II), 2015-2016 (II), 2016-2017 (I)  20,20,20 38,50,48
3. Pre-placement Training Completed Edu learning 2014-2015 (III), 2015-2016 (III). 20,20 38,49
4. Tally Completed Edu learning 2014-2015 (IV). 20 38
5. Six-Sigma Green Belt Completed De-Quest Mgt Services 2015-2016 (II). 20 50
6. Banking Aptitude training Completed Ex-Banking Trainer 2015-2016 (IV),2016-2017 (II) 20 49,48
7. Tally Completed Peagasus 2015-2016 20 49
8. GST Completed Edu Learning 2016-2017(III) 20 30
9. Financial Modelling & Corporate Valuation Completed Edu Learning 2016-2017(III) 20 16
10. Advanced MS Excel Completed Edu Learning 2017-2018(I) 20,20 45 (M.Com), 35(M.Com FA)
11. Aptitude Training Ongoing ICA EDU Skills Pvt Ltd 2017-2018(II) 20,20 45 (M.Com), 35(M.Com FA)
12 Sap Fico Completed Glisten Pvt Solutions 2018-2019(Iii) 30,30 45 (M.Com), 35(M.Com FA)
13 Advanced Ms-Excel Completed Glisten Pvt Solutions 2018-2019(I) 20,20 47 (M.Com), 34(M.Com FA)
13 Advanced Ms-Excel Completed Glisten Pvt Solutions 2018-2019(I) 20,20 47 (M.Com), 34(M.Com FA)
15 Aptitude Training Ongoing Glisten Pvt Solutions 2018-2019(Ii) 20,20 47 (M.Com), 34(M.Com FA)