Date Topic Resource Person Report
22/09/2022 workshop on Intellectual Property Rights Mr. Shailesh G Shankar, Senior advocate
11/04/2022 Workshop on "RBI and Digital Currency" CMA Dr.A.S.Gurudath
25/03/2022 Workshop on Career Opportunities and Enrichment Through Effective Planning Ms.Pallavi
05/03/2022 Workshop on "Key Insights on Cracking Insurance Industry Institute of India Exam – a Nushell" CMA Narasimhamurthy P, Chartered Insurer, Insurance Domain Consultant
15/02/2022 Workshop on "Practiculity of Stock Market" Mr. Anand B P, BFSI Trainer
05/02/2022 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET MOCK TEST 2 Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC
04/02/2022 Workshop on “Post Budget Analysis 2022-2023” CMA Raveendranath Kaushik, Secretary - LUB KARNATAKA
12/01/2022 Workshop on "Career Opportunities for Grouth and Development" Ms. Akshatha G Bhat, SFGC, PG Alumni, Process developer – Accenture.
12/01/2022 Workshop on "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" Prof. Sakshi Chhabra, Specialised and Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and General Management.
07/12/2021 Workshop on Placement Orientation 2021-22 Mrs. Chaitra V C, Head of Training and Placement, Seshadripuram Educational Trust
03/12/2021 Workshop on "An Overview of Intellectual Property Rights" Ms. Kajori Deb, Advocate - BA, LLB, LLM, DIPR, DCI, DEABL
29/11/2021 Workshop on "Etiquette’s and Corporate Ethics" Mr Suresh, SFGC, PG Alumni, Financial Analyst in Societe General.
18/11/2021 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET MOCK TEST Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC
12/11/2021 Workshop on "Report Writing on Internship" Mr. Jayanth H, Assistant Professor
26/08/2021 Workshop on "Analysis of Data in Social Science Research Through SPSS" Dr. Dharmendra H
21/08/2021 Workshop on Career Guidance and IMportance of Higher Education Covid19 PG Department Faculty, SFGC.
16/08/2021 Workshop on "Key Insights of UGC-NET Exam-Commerce" Mr. Srikanth Naik, Research Scholar, Research Centre, Seshadripuram First Grade College
22/07/2021 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET Mock Test Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC.
30/05/2019 Special Lecture held on 30th May 2019 Akshata G Bhat
11/05/2019 Special Lecture held on 11th May 2019 Akshata G Bhat
10/05/2019 Yes+ Program by Art of Living between 8th to 10th May 2019 Akshata G Bhat
16/02/2019 Planning and Writing Successful Research Proposal Dr. B. T. Sampath Kumar Chairman and Professor
13/12/2018 Placement Training Programs on 13th October 2018 Mr. PRABHAKAR KRISHNA
29/12/2018 An Effective Business Planning and Decision -Making through SAP (FICO) Mr. Ananda Lakkanna SAP FICO Consultant, Bangalore
29/11/2018 RUN, JUMP & FLY? Dr. S. Chandrasekar B-School & Corporate Trainer
24/11/2018 Preparation to competitive examination – NET, KSET and Banking Examination Dr Vatsala G, Director, SIMS
28/03/2018 Communication and Soft Skill Development Workshop Mr. S. Venkatesh and Mr. Akash Vasan
28/03/2018 Workshop on “New Dimensions in Financial Reporting” CA. VinayakPai V
2018 Communicare – A Workshop by Final Year Students Mr. Akash Vasan and Mr. S Venkatesh
30/5/2019 Special Lecture on IRAC NORMS, BASEL NORMS, RBI Guidelines to Commercial Banks and SARFAESI Act, 2002 Dr. M J Subramanyam
11/5/2019 Special Lecture on Employability, Enterprise skills and Career opportunities in Insurance and Banking Sector for M.Com and M.Com (FA) students of 2nd Semester Mr. P. Narasimha Murthy
8/5/2019 to 10/5/2019 Yes+ Program organized by Art of Living for M.Com and M.Com (FA) students of 2nd Semester AOL Members
16/3/2019 One Day Workshop on “Defining a Research Problem & Report Writing” Dr. G T Govindappa
16/2/2019 FDP on “Planning and Writing Successful Research Paper Proposal” Dr. B T Sampath Kumar
29/12/2018 SDP on SAP FICO – An Effective Business Planning Through SAP FICO Mr. Ananda Lakkanna
29/11/2018 SDP on “Run, Jump and Fly” Dr. S Chandrashekar
24/11/2018 NET K-SET Workshop Mr. Ramakrishna Subrahmanya
13/10/2018 Workshop on Resume Building & Soft Skill Training Mr. Prabhakar
17/9/2018 One Day FDP on Digital Banking Products and Awareness IOB Regional Office
13/09/2018 Workshop on Resume building and Soft Skill Training Mr. Prabhakar
31/8/2018 One Day Faculty Development Workshop on Yogic Workshop on Stress Management and Well-Being for Teachers Dr. K Raghavendra Pai
25/8/2018 Special Lecture on One Religion, One God Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala
Workshop on Stories for Success Prof. Linda Ann John & Prof. Thamarai Selvi
11/4/2018 FDP on Orientation to New Syllabi of GST CA Anil Bharadwaj
28/3/2018 New Dimension in Financial Reporting – IND AS 103 and 110 CA Vinayak Pai V
24/2/2018 Faculty Development Programme Workshop on Gamification Mr. Ramani Venkat
21/2/2018 Essay Writing - Successful Women
9/2/2018 Research Workshop on Hypothesis Formulation for Significance Testing Prof. Gayatri
24/12/2017 Silver Jubilee Event Speaker Dalai Lama
05/12/2017 Career Guidance CMA , Dr Gurudath CMA Sathish Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India Bengaluru Chapter
25/11/2017 Micro Analysis of Financial Statements Dr S Chandrashekar Corporate & B-School trainer Empover HR Solutions Pvt Ltd. Bengaluru
20/11/2017 GST in Tally Practice Mr.Subramaniam General Manager(Finance & Accounts) British Orient Infotel Pvt Ltd(London & India)
16/11/2017 Developing A Learning Mindset Mrs Linda Ann John Coach & Trainer
14/09/2017 Mind Power Magic Mr Ramani Venkat Founder Bizz Diagnostics
12/09/2017 Employability and Career Guidance Mr. Mubashhir Khan, Mr. Subhodeep Sengupta and Mr. Channakeshava.N , Trainers at ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd.
18/05/2017 IFRS: A Paradigm Shift in Financial Reporting CA VinayakPai V.
22/03/2017 Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way Dr. S. Chandrashekar, Director EmPover HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
17/03/2017 Economic Value Added- Its Impact on Value of the Firm Dr. N. Nagaraja Associate Professor, DOS in Commerce, UOM Mysore.
03/05/2017 Neuro Linguistic Workshop Mr. Ramani Venkat
17/03/2017 Economic Value Added - Its Impact on Value of the Firm Dr. N. Nagaraja
25/02/2017 Research Data Analysis using SPSS for PG students Dr Sudhakara AM, Director-CIST, University of Mysore
15/02/2017 Project Dissertation Guidelines Dr. K. Eresi, Dr. M. Ramachandra Gowda, Dr. Bhaskar B.G.
19/09/2016 Golden Rules of Communication Dr. Bharathi G Parekh
03/02/2016 Research Methodology In association with Dept. of Commerce, BU
30/11/2015 Financial Instruments and Time Value of Money Dr. Vijay Kumar A N
16/11/2015 Orientation to Project Dissertation DR. M. Muniraju, Chairman
10/10/2015 Micro Analysis of Financial Statements - A Unique Model Prof. Chandrasekar
08/10/2015 Preparation Guide to Competitive Examination Mr. Sreejit
04/09/2015 Preparation Guide to K-SET and NET Prof. Sathisha H K

Employability - 16th October 2017 - Mr. Ramani Venkat

Visit to Sandal Oil Factory

Economic Value Added - Its Impact on Value of the Firm

Visit to Karnataka Silk Factory

Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way

Visit to the Garuda Flex Foods Pvt Ltd

Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way