Date Topic Resource Person Report
02/09/2023 “Creating Opportunities and Career Prospects” Ms. Pavithra R
26/08/2023 “Career Planning, Campus to Corporate” Ms. Bhargavi S
04/07/2023 "Presentation of Dissertation at Post-Graduation Level" Mr Pramod A V, Assistant Professor, Seshadripuram Institute of Commerce and Management
05/05/2023 “How to plan for Start-up, Legal & Ethical steps” Mr. Abdul Haleem
26/04/2023 The Impact on Current Innovations towards IPR in India Dr. Agalya V
27-03-2023 to 31-03-2023 Workshop on Research Methodology for Post Graduate Students Dr. Anjana Radhakrishnan, Dr. Ashok M. L., Prof. Pramod A. V., Dr. Aswatha Kumar, Dr. Raji Pillai, Dr. Sowmya D. N., Prof. Sindhu M. M., Dr. Vasantha Kumari K., Lib. Vasantha M. C., Dr. Chetana M. R.
25/02/2023 Workshop on HR – How to be Industry Ready Laya J., HR Associate/Talent acquisition Associate BETSOL Company
10/02/2023 Workshop on “UNION BUDGET ANYALYSIS 2023-24” Dr. Ajay Massand, Associate Professor, PES University.
22/09/2022 workshop on Intellectual Property Rights Mr. Shailesh G. Shankar, Senior advocate
11/04/2022 Workshop on "RBI and Digital Currency" CMA Dr. A. S.Gurudath
25/03/2022 Workshop on Career Opportunities and Enrichment Through Effective Planning Ms. Pallavi
05/03/2022 Workshop on "Key Insights on Cracking Insurance Industry Institute of India Exam – a Nushell" CMA Narasimhamurthy P, Chartered Insurer, Insurance Domain Consultant
15/02/2022 Workshop on "Practiculity of Stock Market" Mr. Anand B. P., BFSI Trainer
05/02/2022 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET MOCK TEST 2 Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC
04/02/2022 Workshop on “Post Budget Analysis 2022-2023” CMA Raveendranath Kaushik, Secretary - LUB KARNATAKA
12/01/2022 Workshop on "Career Opportunities for Grouth and Development" Ms. Akshatha G. Bhat, SFGC, PG Alumni, Process developer – Accenture.
12/01/2022 Workshop on "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" Prof. Sakshi Chhabra, Specialised and Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and General Management.
07/12/2021 Workshop on Placement Orientation 2021-22 Mrs. Chaitra V. C., Head of Training and Placement, Seshadripuram Educational Trust
03/12/2021 Workshop on "An Overview of Intellectual Property Rights" Ms. Kajori Deb, Advocate - BA, LLB, LLM, DIPR, DCI, DEABL
29/11/2021 Workshop on "Etiquette’s and Corporate Ethics" Mr Suresh, SFGC, PG Alumni, Financial Analyst in Societe General.
18/11/2021 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET MOCK TEST Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC
12/11/2021 Workshop on "Report Writing on Internship" Mr. Jayanth H., Assistant Professor
26/08/2021 Workshop on "Analysis of Data in Social Science Research Through SPSS" Dr. Dharmendra H.
21/08/2021 Workshop on Career Guidance and IMportance of Higher Education Covid19 PG Department Faculty, SFGC.
16/08/2021 Workshop on "Key Insights of UGC-NET Exam-Commerce" Mr. Srikanth Naik, Research Scholar, Research Centre, Seshadripuram First Grade College
22/07/2021 Workshop on UGC-NET & K-SET Mock Test Mr. Vasantha MC, Library Information Officer, PG Department Library, SFGC.
30/05/2019 Special Lecture held on 30th May 2019 Akshata G. Bhat
11/05/2019 Special Lecture held on 11th May 2019 Akshata G. Bhat
10/05/2019 Yes+ Program by Art of Living between 8th to 10th May 2019 Akshata G. Bhat
16/02/2019 Planning and Writing Successful Research Proposal Dr. B. T. Sampath Kumar Chairman and Professor
13/12/2018 Placement Training Programs on 13th October 2018 Mr. PRABHAKAR KRISHNA
29/12/2018 An Effective Business Planning and Decision -Making through SAP (FICO) Mr. Ananda Lakkanna SAP FICO Consultant, Bangalore
29/11/2018 RUN, JUMP & FLY? Dr. S. Chandrasekar B-School & Corporate Trainer
24/11/2018 Preparation to competitive examination – NET, KSET and Banking Examination Dr. Vatsala G., Director, SIMS
28/03/2018 Communication and Soft Skill Development Workshop Mr. S. Venkatesh and Mr. Akash Vasan
28/03/2018 Workshop on “New Dimensions in Financial Reporting” CA. VinayakPai V.
2018 Communicare – A Workshop by Final Year Students Mr. Akash Vasan and Mr. S. Venkatesh
30/5/2019 Special Lecture on IRAC NORMS, BASEL NORMS, RBI Guidelines to Commercial Banks and SARFAESI Act, 2002 Dr. M. J. Subramanyam
11/5/2019 Special Lecture on Employability, Enterprise skills and Career opportunities in Insurance and Banking Sector for M.Com and M.Com (FA) students of 2nd Semester Mr. P. Narasimha Murthy
8/5/2019 to 10/5/2019 Yes+ Program organized by Art of Living for M.Com and M.Com (FA) students of 2nd Semester AOL Members
16/3/2019 One Day Workshop on “Defining a Research Problem & Report Writing” Dr. G. T. Govindappa
16/2/2019 FDP on “Planning and Writing Successful Research Paper Proposal” Dr. B. T. Sampath Kumar
29/12/2018 SDP on SAP FICO – An Effective Business Planning Through SAP FICO Mr. Ananda Lakkanna
29/11/2018 SDP on “Run, Jump and Fly” Dr. S. Chandrashekar
24/11/2018 NET K-SET Workshop Mr. Ramakrishna Subrahmanya
13/10/2018 Workshop on Resume Building & Soft Skill Training Mr. Prabhakar
17/9/2018 One Day FDP on Digital Banking Products and Awareness IOB Regional Office
13/09/2018 Workshop on Resume building and Soft Skill Training Mr. Prabhakar
31/8/2018 One Day Faculty Development Workshop on Yogic Workshop on Stress Management and Well-Being for Teachers Dr. K. Raghavendra Pai
25/8/2018 Special Lecture on One Religion, One God Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala
Workshop on Stories for Success Prof. Linda Ann John & Prof. Thamarai Selvi
11/4/2018 FDP on Orientation to New Syllabi of GST CA Anil Bharadwaj
28/3/2018 New Dimension in Financial Reporting – IND AS 103 and 110 CA Vinayak Pai V
24/2/2018 Faculty Development Programme Workshop on Gamification Mr. Ramani Venkat
21/2/2018 Essay Writing - Successful Women
9/2/2018 Research Workshop on Hypothesis Formulation for Significance Testing Prof. Gayatri
24/12/2017 Silver Jubilee Event Speaker Dalai Lama
05/12/2017 Career Guidance CMA , Dr. Gurudath CMA Sathish Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India Bengaluru Chapter
25/11/2017 Micro Analysis of Financial Statements Dr. S. Chandrashekar Corporate & B-School trainer Empover HR Solutions Pvt Ltd. Bengaluru
20/11/2017 GST in Tally Practice Mr. Subramaniam General Manager(Finance & Accounts) British Orient Infotel Pvt Ltd(London & India)
16/11/2017 Developing A Learning Mindset Mrs. Linda Ann John Coach & Trainer
14/09/2017 Mind Power Magic Mr. Ramani Venkat Founder Bizz Diagnostics
12/09/2017 Employability and Career Guidance Mr. Mubashhir Khan, Mr. Subhodeep Sengupta and Mr. Channakeshava.N , Trainers at ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd.
18/05/2017 IFRS: A Paradigm Shift in Financial Reporting CA VinayakPai V.
22/03/2017 Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way Dr. S. Chandrashekar, Director EmPover HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
17/03/2017 Economic Value Added- Its Impact on Value of the Firm Dr. N. Nagaraja Associate Professor, DOS in Commerce, UOM Mysore.
03/05/2017 Neuro Linguistic Workshop Mr. Ramani Venkat
17/03/2017 Economic Value Added - Its Impact on Value of the Firm Dr. N. Nagaraja
25/02/2017 Research Data Analysis using SPSS for PG students Dr. Sudhakara AM, Director-CIST, University of Mysore
15/02/2017 Project Dissertation Guidelines Dr. K. Eresi, Dr. M. Ramachandra Gowda, Dr. Bhaskar B. G.
19/09/2016 Golden Rules of Communication Dr. Bharathi G. Parekh
03/02/2016 Research Methodology In association with Dept. of Commerce, BU
30/11/2015 Financial Instruments and Time Value of Money Dr. Vijay Kumar A. N.
16/11/2015 Orientation to Project Dissertation DR. M. Muniraju, Chairman
10/10/2015 Micro Analysis of Financial Statements - A Unique Model Prof. Chandrasekar
08/10/2015 Preparation Guide to Competitive Examination Mr. Sreejit
04/09/2015 Preparation Guide to K-SET and NET Prof. Sathisha H. K.

Employability - 16th October 2017 - Mr. Ramani Venkat

Visit to Sandal Oil Factory

Economic Value Added - Its Impact on Value of the Firm

Visit to Karnataka Silk Factory

Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way

Visit to the Garuda Flex Foods Pvt Ltd

Trend and Scope of E-Commerce - The Digital Way